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Year Three

Welcome to the class page for Year 3


Your work for week commencing 25th January is now here, ready for you to start on Monday. In addition, all the work for the previous weeks is still available towards the bottom of this class page. 



The class Padlet page can be accessed via the link below and the password has been emailed to you.


You might also like to look at the Daily Mile at Home challenge information sheets, which you can find at the bottom of the page from where all the class pages are accessed. A great way to help you get fit and to add interest to your exercise time too!




As always, if there are any questions about any of the work or concerns specific to an individual child, please do not hesitate to contact us via the school office or our class email address:


Mrs Treacher, Mrs Barnett and Mrs Allen



Reading - ongoing

You should all still have the login details for the Oxford Owl Home Learning site that were emailed to you when we were in isolation in November. If you want to access the eBooks, please ensure you go to as this is the correct site to use.


On that site you will find the Oxford Owl eBook Library. The books are still available for you to use if you would like to. When you are reading, remember to make a note of any words that you don't understand and then look up what they mean. You could also make a note of any words that you might like to use in your own writing.

The reading review sheets are available immediately below here. Please make sure that you complete the relevant review sheet after you have thoroughly read each book. We will be asking you to bring these back to school when we return, so that we know which books you have read and what you thought of them.


Home learning for week commencing 25th January 2021

Please see below for everything you need for this week's home learning. Instructions are written out subject by subject and there is also the RAG feedback sheet, which shows the timetable for the week. Please make sure you do the lessons in the right order, as many of them build on previous learning. Please also rate each lesson on the feedback sheet to tell us how you have got on and return it to us at the end of the week. It is expected that the children attempt all of the activities and the RAG sheets will help us understand where they have had any difficulties, so please do return them each week.


Remember to keep all of your work safe, so that it can be brought into school when you return.

RAG feedback sheet and summary of week commencing 25th January 2021

English – writing to inform

This week we will continue with our non-chronological report by writing the first section, but before we do that we will be learning more about complex sentences and how to spell plurals. Then, on Thursday, we will be having a lesson about three fantastic, new words that you could link to the jungle – overgrown, towering and impenetrable and finally, on Friday we finish the week with a reading comprehension all about chocolate!


The links for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday’s lessons are below.


 On Tuesday, Mrs Treacher will be delivering the lesson to you in groups at 9am, 10am or 11am. Please let us know if you have not received your Zoom lesson invite by the beginning of the week. Don’t forget you will need a pencil, paper and your word bank, as you will be writing some sentences for your report.


For Friday there is another reading comprehension, which you will find in the documents section. This is all about chocolate, so we hope you don’t get too hungry doing your work! Remember to read through the text carefully, underlining any important words, numbers, dates, names etc. Then read through it again, ensuring you understand what it is about. Finally, have a go at answering the questions. Also on Friday, please try and join in with the Drop Everything and Read initiative, as outlined in the Reading Newsletter sent to you on Monday last week. Please send us a photo if you can.



We are continuing with our focus on money, starting with adding amounts together, then subtracting amounts from one another and finally having a lesson on giving change.


On Monday and Tuesday, there are videos to watch, with worksheets to do in conjunction with those videos. The worksheets are in the documents section.


On Wednesday, there will be a Zoom lesson, with Mrs Treacher. You will need the Wednesday worksheet with you for this lesson. You will have a zoom invite emailed to you, for this lesson, which will be at 9am, 10am or 11am. Please let us know if you haven’t received one by the beginning of the week.


On Thursday there will be a worksheet but without a video. This is an assessment sheet, for you to do and see what you have learnt over the past two weeks. Please don’t worry about it - just do what you can. This sheet is also in the documents folder.


On Friday, continue practising your times tables using Hit the Button. Try and beat your previous best scores! You can try some of the other games too, if you want to.

Monday - RE

Last week we discussed God’s covenant to us after the flood in the Noah’s Ark story.

Can you remember what a covenant is?

That’s right, it’s a pact or promise.

Many Jews and Christians use the rainbow as a reminder of God’s promise and they trust God to keep his promise.

This week we will doing our RE lesson, at 11am during our Monday morning Zoom call. We will be thinking a bit more about promises, especially the ones that we make to others. You could get yourself ready for this zoom call by having a think about any promises that you might have made to other people or groups of people and what that promise is all about.

You can use the Podkin Zoom link for this lesson. Mrs Treacher looks forward to seeing you.


Tuesday - Geography

This week we are going to think about two of the physical features in Europe – the mountains and rivers.

There is a map in the documents section for you to complete, but you will need to do some research first to help you fill it in.

At the bottom of the map there are two extension activities. Please do the second one, about the rivers and add the two longest rivers in Europe.



Wednesday - PSHE

There is no worksheet for this week’s activity but it does require a discussion between child and adult.


This week you will be following the third online SCARF lesson from Unit 3 – Keeping Myself Safe.

Use the link below and find the activities for 7 –9 year olds.

This week you need to complete:

Activity 3 –Picture Wise


Take your time, read the information, any instructions and complete the activity to the best that you can.

Thursday – French

This week we would like you to learn to count to 10 in French. As well as being able to say the numbers correctly, we would also like you to be able to read and write the words. There are three links below, which will help you. One is to a BBC Bitesize clip, where two children are playing a game and counting at the same time. The second link is to one of the CBBC programmes produced this term to support home learning. If you use that one, the French part starts after the lesson has been going for about 13 minutes. The third link is to a YouTube video, which would also help you with saying, reading and writing the numbers.

In the documents section you will find a matching game that you might like to play and a worksheet to be completed and stuck in your French book when you are back in school. To complete the sheet you will need to use some of the French words that we have already learned in school. There is a sheet in the documents section to help you, but see if you can remember the words yourself before you look at it.

Thursday - Art

This week, if you haven’t already done so, we’d like you to finish the ‘Drawing Texture’ sheets that you started last week. Please copy all of the textures on the first page, before completing the second page, which asks you to find objects or materials with interesting textures, describe the textures and then have a go at drawing them. Remember you only need to draw the texture, not the whole object.

If you want to, you can also do another of the duplication warm up exercises, but please make sure you have at least two of them left for next week and the week after next.

Please keep all your work safe, so it can go in your sketch book when you are back in school.


Friday - Science

This week, you will be finding out more about forces. You will learn about friction and carry out an investigation about how far a toy car travels on different surfaces.


We have moved Science to Friday this week, so that in our Zoom lesson at 11am, Mrs Barnett can watch and discuss the BBC Bitesize page about friction with you and then talk about the investigation and how you can do it at home. In case there are any technical issues during the Zoom call, it would be great if you had already had a quick look at the BBC Bitesize page before the lesson. If that’s not possible, don’t worry - if there’s anything you’re unsure of or want to revisit, you can look at it again after the lesson.


In the documents section, there is a sheet about the investigation for anyone who is not able to join the Zoom session or who needs a reminder of what to do. There is also a sheet for you to use, please, when you write up the investigation to go in your Science book in school. If you want to extend your learning, you could also draw a bar chart to show your results. Finally, there is the first page of the knowledge organiser for the Forces and Magnets topic, which summarises what you have learned so far about forces and friction.

Friday – Handwriting

As always, you will find the two handwriting sheets for this week in the documents section. Please make sure you sit properly, hold your pencil correctly and complete the work neatly, just like you do in school. Be careful to form all of the letters correctly – this includes making sure they are the right size compared to each other. Please keep the sheets safe when you have done them and bring them with you when you come back to school.

Home learning for week commencing 18th January 2021 (photos that were added during the week are below the documents section)

RAG feedback sheet and summary of week commencing 18th January 2021

RE - Class Pact

Home learning for week commencing 11th January 2021 (photos that were added during the week are below the documents section)

Summary of week commencing Monday 11th January 2021

Englis features that we discussed in English on Monday 11th

Key vocabulary and spelling rules from English lesson on Tuesday 12th.

Photo of Geography board in school

Home learning for Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th January 2021

November 2020 isolation home learning