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Year Five

   Year Five

Dear children,

    It has been so good to hear from you and see some of your work through our Y5 email. This week will be the last upload of activities as we are looking forward to seeing you on 13th and 14th of July - in school!

It will enable you to pick up any belongings that may still be here, take home any books you might want and receive your annual report. 

    On the two days in school we would love you to bring a piece of work that you are proud of from your time at home, that you could show and talk about for a few moments. If you have any of your poetry, we would like it to make our Y5 poetry book.

    As normal, the activities are ready for the last week 6th - 10th July.  ( The children in school requested more science.)



Mathematics - Do 5.13 this week.  I have included the answers. If you need support there are some videos at -

There is a new 'test' called Remember it, in extra activities if you want to have a go. You could time yourself around 30 - 45 minutes.

Had we been together in class, we would have been learning to measure angles with accuracy. I have included a powerpoint about how to achieve this and worksheets if you would like to try at home.

We would also have been looking at Graphs so there is a powerpoint and worksheet to try.


English - This term we will be working on and learning about Discussion (Argument)


There is a new comprehension called 'The Garden Produce Show '  It includes the writing activity for the week.


Try the activity 'Double Negatives.'


Try 'Word of the Day'. Ask whomsoever is looking after you for a long word - preferably a clean one!


Learn five different spellings from the Year 5/6 list every day and write them in a sentence. This is important to continue as you will need these spellings in Year Six.


Remember that reading is still important so make time for it every day for at least half an hour. I am happy to suggest reading titles if you have read and re-read all your books - like me!  Do read 'King of the Cloud Forests' if you get the opportunity as I don't think we will get a chance to this year.


Writing a story - If you want a challenge, try writing a narrative with a Mayan theme. It could be an historical narrative, or a science - fiction fantasy or an adventure to find a lost tribe or city of gold. Try writing at least three chapters; one to set the scene, one to go on the adventure and one to resolve the problem or find the treasure. There are a couple of films you could watch for inspiration, Dora and the city of gold, or the cartoon series of The cities of gold. I hope your stories are taking shape.


The Maya  I think it would be more beneficial for you to take on the Maya as a project so that you can research and learn about all the more gory aspects of their lives. I have included some things for you to get started. I am looking forward to seeing your work when you return.


Science -  This term we are going to be learning about Life Cycles for different species. Draw and label the life-cycle of a plant - both flowering and non-flowering -  this week and pay particular attention to the stages of growth. There is a powerpoint for you to look at. These also look good on paper plates if you have any left. 

    As requested by the children in school, there are a couple of activities for this last week. Try your hand at Chromatography and see if you can 'grow your own rainbow'. Try not to use too many coffee filters - kitchen roll works quite well. As an added art project you could make butterflies or flowers with the end results - all to tie-in with life cycles. There are some great ideas on-line.


Computing - LO; Learning to use software to design and create. See if you can create your own art gallery using SketchUp. You can download a trial version free for 30 days. Use Trimble SketchUp Make. There is a tutorial at

Send me a picture of your art gallery if you are successful.


French - Make sure you know your numbers up to sixty.


R.E. - Find out the differences between religious ceremonies and non-religious ceremonies. Write a paragraph about each ceremony. If you haven't moved on to other ceremonies this week would be a good time to find out about end of life celebrations..


Music - Try out the 'composing' activity. If you have access to any instruments, use them but you could improvise with found objects as long as no-one minds!




Stay well, work hard ( Send us a message or pictures of your work)


Mrs.Brace and Mrs.Robertssmileysmiley

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