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Year Five

   Year Five

Dear children,

     Happy New Year! School is still a bit different this term but we need to continue to follow the guidelines and stay safe. Everyone is working hard and doing their best - well done and keep it up!

Remember to bring any inhalers if you require one. Please make sure they are in date and named.

   P.E. will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Tuesday P.E. in term three will be Multi - Skills with an outside coach. A change of trainers will be needed so that our classroom will stay clean!  Wednesday will be dance. There will also be some sessions with the Sports Coach ( Usually Toby ) on Fridays these are currently: 26th February and 26th March.


   As we are now in another lockdown situation, learning is moving on-line for the time being. Learning activities will be posted on Fridays for you to engage with the following week. Please note that the Home learning timetable has been amended to include a feedback opportunity. If you can, please send a copy back to me so that I can keep track of how activities and learning is going. The expectation is that you will achieve all of the activities set and not pick a few you like this time. We are available for questions and support at the Year 5 email address or on the end of the telephone if that helps. It would be really good to see what you have achieved, email pictures if you can.

Keep reading and learning your spellings. There will be a tables and spelling test every week.

The link below will take you to some mathematics explanation videos for this term's learning.

 “Parents’ Video Access Link”

Use the link below to access SCARF for PHSE



                                        Mrs.Brace and Mrs.Robertssmileysmiley

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