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Year Five

Year Five Autumn Curriculum Intentions

Curriculum Letter Spring 2020

   Year Five

Dear children,

We hope you are  all still well and ready to work. There is an outline of suggested activities below and English and Mathematics for the week 30th March- 3rd April.

Mathematics - The work in the folder is for two weeks,  Do 5:2 this week.


English - There is a new comprehension about 'The Moon'.

Work on the activity learning how to precis a passage of writing. This means making a longer passage of writing into a smaller passage of writing. There is a poster to explain what to do.

Learn five different spellings from the Year 5/6 list every day and write them in a sentence.

Finish your leaflet to persuade people to come to Weyton Community Park if you haven't already!

Design a Poster to try and Persusde some-one to come to your: Fete, Hotel, Play Park, Performance etc. Your choice! Remember to use subtitles, bullet points, brackets and try Hyphenated Words. e.g. olympic-sized pool or top-rated restaurant.


P.E. Create a circuit indoors or out, use your knowledge of line - dancing to keep fit or use your skipping rope to improve the skills that 'Dan the Skipping Man' introduced. You should aim to do at least two sessions of 20 minutes during the week.


Native American History - Find out Pocahontas. Who was she and why is she important to History. Walt Disney made a film about her but remember that real life and 'Disney' are not always the same. Draw a picture of her if you can.


R.E. We have been learning about the last days of Jesus. Read the end of the story and create and Easter Booklet, writing the story and drawing pictures to go with it. You can also include Easter Traditions and customs. Bring them in to show us!


Art - The Native Americans used feathers for traditional dress. Cut out a feather shape from card - cereal packets are good- and create a picture by either printing with paints, or using your shape to draw around in a design, or use collage to create a picture. You could weave your feather with wool or cut some from material like the patchwork we have been working on. Have fun with whatever media you choose.  




Stay well, work hard and hope that we can return to normal soon,


Mrs.Brace and Mrs.Robertssmileysmiley

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