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Year Four


Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome back to Year 4 - From Home! We hope you have had a good Christmas and we wish you all a happy and healthy new year. Please click on the letter below to read the information about home learning. All the work will be available on the Google Drive link below. We have organised the work into weeks and then into subjects as is necessary. Zoom calls will take place with all the class at 10am on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. Children need to spend about 4 hours working a day. This should include daily reading and practising of the times table. Each child is learning a different times table and they will be tested on this during Wednesday's Zoom call. They also need to be learning their spellings. These are set and tested during Friday's Zoom call. 


Please send us pieces of work completed by the children for us to see. We love seeing it and keeping in touch so do email or Dojo how you are getting on as well. At the end of every Friday, please send us a photo or emailed version of the timetable indicating the sessions that have been completed. If there were any that the children found difficult, please write a few notes in this section to let us know. This will help us plan to put the right help in place for particularly objectives when we get back to school.


We really hope to see you all in school as soon as is safe. 


Mrs Crampton, Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Bannister

Welcome to Year 4 2020-2021! It is so good to be back in our normal classroom with these wonderful children. We hope that you are all well and ready to take on the challenge of Year 4! We have included a few useful bits of information for you and as we go through the year, we will add to these. 


Should we come to a time when we need to start Home Learning again, this will be the place to find what we set. In the meantime, and hopefully for the whole year, we are just so pleased to be back properly at school even if it is a little different.


Mrs Crampton, Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Bannister