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Sports Events


Indoor climbing experience, Thursday 11 January at Rockstar Climbing


14 lucky children were able to experience the thrills and challenges of traversing and rope climbing at this purpose built centre in Swindon.  Arriving in style on the Lions minibus, they were quickly given the opportunity of first trying out the smaller bouldering area.  Getting use to the hanging on the hand stubs and positioning their feet in order to traverse across the wall sideways was a good first activity and set the scene for the rest of the session.

After this they were kitted up into their harnesses and helmets and shown how to climb the wall, belay the climber and be safe.  Very quickly, many of our climbers were manoeuvring themselves up and down the wall successfully and challenging themselves to create routes that were harder.  For others, the rope climb was more challenging.  Not just physically, but mentally in overcoming their fear and finding that perseverance and determination to succeed.  With the whole team supporting and encouraging, success came for all the climbers and Mrs Bannister and Mr Soutar were very proud of them all.  After two hours, everyone was exhausted but still had enough energy for a good sing song on the way home!  


Rockstar Climbing run various clubs for school children and their details can be found online    

Intermediate Gymnastics Competition, Tuesday 9 January 


3 Year 5 gymnasts and 7 Year 6 gymnasts competed in the Intermediate Gymnastic competition on Tuesday 11 January at Kingshill. This is an individual competition, not a team event, and a first for many of the team.


Having learnt a floor routine and mastered a vault in school, they arrived excited but fuelled with adrenaline and nerves. With all eyes watching, they were first up on the floor and routines went well for everyone. A short break and then it was their time on vault. Again, two vaults each with everyone watching, the whole team performed 2 successful vaults each.


Yes! They’ve done it! All of them had done their best and they felt amazing!


Results time arrived and …….


1st place on vault award to our year 6 boy for a phenomenal squat over, with the box lengthways, scoring 9.8/10 and then

1st place OVERALL awarded to another year 6 girl, scoring 9/10 on floor and 9.3/10 on vault, her combined high scores secured her the top spot.  Hooray!!


The rest of teams' scores have now arrived and all of them have achieved so well, worked so hard and should be so proud of what they achieved because Mrs Bannister and Miss Massey certainly are!



Year 4 Boys Football Tournament, Cirencester Arena, 23 November


Following on from the their success of 2nd place in the last festival, the boys qualified through to the next round.  Again, under the superb coaching of Mr Smith, the boys took on the other six schools in this tournament with great success winning 4 out of the 5 matches and drawing one.  Into the final match and it was all down to goal difference - had they done enough?  As the results were announced, the excitement was building and the boys were awarded with a much deserved 1st place win.  Congratulations to the team who can wear their gold medals with pride.

Year 5 & 6 Football Tournament, 16 November, Cirencester Primary School


Two football teams went to Cirencester Primary School for a large and competitive football tournament! I was so proud of all the players in both teams who tried so hard and demonstrated fantastic team values throughout. Alongside this our ‘Blue’ team stormed through the group stages winning all their games and won the semi-final against strong opposition to reach the final. Despite (in my unbiased opinion) being the better side throughout the final, we unfortunately missed out on the top spot in a tightly fought 1-0 defeat. The players were thrilled with how well they had done and were rightly very proud of their silver medals. Well done to all the players, who were an absolute pleasure to be with.  Mr. Soutar

Year 3 & 4 Boys Football Festival - 9 November


First time out for some of the year 3 boys to take part in this friendly, football festival.  The team developed as each match was played and showed great enthusiasm, teamwork and sportsmanship throughout.  A brilliant start for all the boys who represented their school excellently.


Year 4 boys, who are more experienced, played some excellent football under the direction of Mr Smith. Again, the boys demonstrated good teamwork and determination and were rewarded with two wins and one loss.  Congratulations to all players.


Year 5 & 6 Girls Team Cross Country Event, Abingdon - 7 November


Two teams took part in this event at St. Helen & St. Katharine.  Always a tough competition with a high level of standard, 3 girls ran in the Yr 5 event and two year 6s and 1 year 5 made up the other team.  Despite heavy rain and winds, the year 5 team came a very credible 5th place - our highest achievement in this event.  Our second team worked very well too and achieved 13th place.  Congratulations to all the girls, Mr Soutar was very proud of you all.

Hi 5 Netball Fun Festival - 17 October, Kingshill 


Kicking off the netball season with a fun festival, we took two teams to this event.  Following a few lunchtime practice sessions with Miss Godfrey and Miss Honeyborne, our gold team took to the court well and built on the skills they already had from prior club members and PE lessons.  Through great teamwork and listening to feedback they improved after every game and successfully won many of their games.  Our blue team, made up of a number of new players rose to the challenge of remembering and applying the rules, increased their ball skills, improved after each game and also, most importantly, demonstrated their ability to work successfully as a team and support each other fully.  Well done to both teams and thank you to Miss Godfrey for all her past help with netball club and to Miss Honeyborne, who will be starting a netball club in the next term.  




Girls Football Festival - 16 October, Kingshill


After just a few lunchtime practice sessions with Mr Smith, our year 5/6 girls football team took to the pitches at Kingshill for a fun festival.  Battling against the winds of hurricane Ophelia, the girls worked really well together and improved after every game.  At the end of the day they secured a 3rd place position - well done girls this is a fab achievement!  Our thanks to Mr Smith who prepared them well and has kindly now agreed to run an after school girls football club.   



Team Cross Country - 10 October, Kingshill


A very successful start to this year's fixtures calendar with teams from years 4, 5 and 6 running with great determination and commitment to their team.

Year 4 girls 2nd place, Year 4 boys 4th place, Year 5 girls 1st place, Year 5 boys 3rd place, Year 6 girls 8th place and Year 6 boys 4th place.  Well done to all the runners, Mr Soutar is very proud of you all.  A special thank you mention to a very kind donation from a year 6 leaver for the running vests.  Our runners looked very smart and wore them in honour of a talented athlete who left in the summer.  




Change 4 Life Programme 


The Change 4 Life programme has run for years 3 and 4 this year.  This club looks at how we can bring physical activity into every child’s life in a fun, friendly environment and not be focussed on a specific sport that they might do through the curriculum.  A number of year 6 children underwent training and then with support from Mrs Bannister they have run these clubs over the year.  Half way through the year, the coaches taught 3 more year 6 children to run these clubs so we have ended the year with 8 Change 4 Life Coaches.  The C4L programme has been a huge success with results from a questionnaire showing that over 90% enjoyed the club, 88% would now consider joining a club in the future and over 90% of children felt their attitude to sport had changed ..... 'I hadn't realised how much fun sport was, now I want to try a wider range of it.'  Looking at it from the other side, the coaches have gained immensely from the programme too.  All of them said how much they enjoyed running the clubs, they felt their confidence had grown and they would like to be involved in sports coaching in the future .....'I liked making a difference to younger people's lives and when they learnt something new it gave me a magical feeling.'  Our heartfelt thanks go to our Change 4 Life coaches; you have made an incredible difference to the lives of many other children

Girls Active Festival, Kingshill School, 19 July


15 year 4 and 5 children took part in the Girls' Active Festival.  This event is all about girls taking part in various activities that promote and demonstrate the enjoyment of taking part in different sporting games that are not normal school sports. Much fun was had by all and upon their return the girls were excited to show some of the new skills they had learnt.  

Year 5 Tag Rugby Tournament, Longlevens RC, 13 July


All children in year 5 have had six weeks' of tag rugby coaching from Gloucester Rugby this term and it culminated in a round robin tournament at Longlevens on Thursday 13th July.  Three teams played different primary schools from the Gloucester area, putting into practice the skills they had learnt and gaining valuable match experience.  Every child improved throughout the day and their confidence grew with many taking on the role of captain for a match.  Well done to all of you.  Many thanks to Mr Bayless for your help with one of the teams on the day.

SEND Tennis Finals, Oxstalls Tennis Centre - 4 July


Our team of four, buoyant from their win in the qualifying round, made their way to Oxstalls on the 4th July.  Playing indoors with foam balls in the final is a different skill and not one the team had experienced before but they took it in their stride and made the most of the practice sessions in the morning.  In the afternoon, the matches started and their strength shone through and the team successfully went on to win the tournament.  Fabulous achievement for you all, well done!

Area Athletics Competition, Deer Park School - 26 June


39 children boarded the bus with excitement on Monday morning and it certainly was an exciting morning.  8 - 1st places, 4 - 2nd places and 6 - 3rd places is an excellent achievement.  From these winning places, 8 area athletics records were made altogether, three for Long Jump (year 3 and 4), two records in Speed Bounce (yr 4 and yr 5) and the Year 3 Boys Track Relay, Year 5 Boys Track Relay and Year 6 Girls Track Relay made record timings.  Absolutely fantastic Team St. Lawrence – these are our best ever results from this event.


County Cricket Finals, Cheltenham - 23 June


Our Gold Team wore their winning t-shirts from the qualifying round with pride at this event and were determined to achieve their best.  By lunchtime, all 3 matches had been won and we were into the semi-final.  Sadly, we were beaten but into the 3rd place play-offs and after watching the other team bat first, we had everything to play for.  Gold Team came through and we were awarded a 3rd place.  This is our highest ever achievement in the County Finals – awesome work boys!

Year 4 Mini Red Tennis Finals, Cirencester Tennis Club - 22 June


The team who had qualified in May arrived ready and determined.  A good start with wins and a draw were putting us in a good position.  The children persevered through the following rounds but sadly lost to a 3rd place position by just 1 point. Well done tennis players you all worked so hard.

SEND Tennis Skills, Cirencester Tennis Club, 22 June


A team of 12 from our SEND register were excited to take part in this event which develops hand/eye co-ordination and gives an understanding of the tennis strokes.  Great fun was had by all and from our 3 teams, 1 team was 1st and another was 3rd.  1st place team goes onto the Finals in Gloucester next month.  Fabulous work teams!

Year 4 Cricket Tournament, Cirencester Cricket Club - 21 June


On the hottest day of the year, 10 Year 4s got the opportunity to put into practice the coaching skills they have received from Lechlade CC and take part in this tournament. All the children played exceptionally well in extreme heat and we are very proud of you all. I think the prize of ice-creams on the way home was a hit!

Rounders Final, Hartpury College - 16 June


An amazing achievement to reach the County finals and our Year 6s were determined to make the most of this experience and achieve their best.  Into the semi-finals and the excitement was heightening…… sadly a loss, but this put them into 3rd place.  A fantastic achievement for this team who showed excellent sportsmanship and determination throughout and were told by an umpire that they were by far the best team at the event!

District Sports at Farmor's School, 15 June


Following trials of every child in KS2, 81 were selected to take part in this athletics event.  Always an exciting morning for children to compete against other local primary schools for a place in the Area Athletics competition.  A huge success for all our children taking part and an amazing 40 children qualified through to the Area Athletics event.

Year 4 Mini Red Tennis - 13 June


Another great opportunity for a small team to play in a mini red tennis tournament.  Mini Red is played on smaller courts with softer balls enabling children to work on their skills and improve.  Well done team – you all improved your skills.

Cricket Tournament, Cirencester Cricket Club - 12 June


Following team selection rounds and practices led by Mr Smith, two teams went out to this tournament.  With many children playing cricket at Lechlade CC, confidence was high and again justified, with a win for our Gold Team and a place in the County Cricket Finals in Cheltenham.  Our blue team showed great strengths and a developing understanding of the game and certainly made the school proud.  Well done teams!

Rounders Tournament, Kinghsill - 7 June


Two teams from yrs 5 & 6 took part in this qualifying round.  Following practises in PE lessons and an after-school rounders club, the teams were feeling confident and after several rounds that confidence was justified with a victory for the year 6 team and a place in the Finals Tournament.  The year 5 team worked exceptionally hard and showed determination to achieve their best and were rewarded with a joint 2nd place.  Fantastic work teams!

Archery and Mountain Biking Event - 22 May


Another great opportunity for a further 9 year 6 children to take part in this archery tournament.  Competing against other schools, our team improved on every round and at lunch time they were sitting in the top 3.  After the other schools had finished their rounds, the results were in and such a close result it was, with only 1 point away from 3rd place.  Great skills shown by everyone, well done!


8 year 6 children were involved in the Mountain biking event, working as a team to score the highest.  A tough course with lots of skill, stamina and strength needed, our team worked exceptionally hard and showed great determination to achieve their best.  Well done!


Mini Red Tennis for Year 3/4 - 18 May


Two teams took part in this tournament at Cirencester Tennis Club.  Teams are made up of 2 boys and 2 girls and each child plays a singles match and then a mixed double.  Both teams played some fantastic tennis and were rewarded with a 1st place in their respective pools.  This, of course, meant they had to go on to play each other in the next round along with the other Pool winner.  After some great rallies and excellent sportsmanship, the final results were in and our year 4 team came 2nd and the year 3 team came 3rd.  Year 4 go on to the finals in June.  Well done to everyone involved.

Y6 Archery Event - 15 May


9 of our Year 6s took part in this event on Monday 15th May.  A great opportunity to try a different sport, utilising many different areas of skill. All children who took part improved immensely as the day progressed.  Well done everyone.

Year 3/4 QuadKids Tournament - 4 May


Quadkids is an athletics event made up of four different events, hence the name quad.  Children have to take part in a 50m sprint, 400m run, a standing long jump and a howler throw.  Both teams worked really hard during the event and many of them won their individual races, throws or jumps.  All the scores are put together and then calculated for a placing against all the other schools taking part.  We were delighted with the Year 3s who came 5th and the Year 4s who came 4th  This is a fantastic result for both teams - well done!

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Tournament - 31 March and 6 April


Both our year 5 and 6 teams performed exceptionally well during their rugby matches.  The year 5 team showed excellent promise only being beaten by the year 6 team!  The year 6s remained unbeaten through both tournaments and have been excellent ambassadors for our school.  Well done to both teams.

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Training - 30 March


Two teams took part in this ‘experience’ tournament whereby children gain an understanding of the rules of Tag Rugby and get the opportunity to practise that learning in a fun, non-competitive environment.  Great fun was had by both teams and good experience for the future.

Swimming Gala - Monday 27 March


Fantastic effort by all our swimmers on Monday at the gala (for large schools).  Always a tough competition as standard is exceptionally high, but with a combined team effort from year 4, 5 and 6 we were successful in a 3rd place victory.  This is an awesome achievement - excellent work by you all - well done Team St. Lawrence.

Girls' Football Tournament at Cirencester Primary School - 23 March


Well done to our girls' football team in this tournament.  Only the second time this team have played together and a brilliant victory of coming 3rd.  Once again, our goalkeeper showed immense skills in the goal and the two forward position girls achieved a high number of goals between them.  Well done girls!  Go  Team St. Lawrence!



Netball Finals Tournament at Kingshill on Tuesday 21 March


On a very cold, wintery evening we played in the finals tournament at Kingshill.  It was challenging, not only because of the high standard but also because of the terrible hail storms and gales.  We worked through our pool but then the tournament was cancelled early as we were all soaked through and shivering!  We had given it our best shot but it certainly wasn't a night for enjoying outdoor sports!


A big thank you to Miss Godfrey for all her coaching and club sessions over this season and for bringing our netball teams to a finals tournament for the second year running.

Netball Qualfiers at Farmor's vs Cluster schools Friday 17 March


Great playing by our two teams and success for the green team going through to the finals tournament.  Well done to both teams.

Gloucestershire County Final Gymnastic Competition - 9 March


Gymnastics is an individual sport so although you may collectively work together acquiring points for your team, what and how you perform is very much up to you. Our gymnasts are skilled in both the floor and vault and 3 of them belong to a gymnastic club outside of school, so each one of them is talented in different ways. 


With a quick turnaround from qualifying to the finals, our team worked through their lunchtimes again to secure floor routines with maximum points and practice vaults with perfect landings.


We arrived at the University of Gloucester and tried to take advantage of the warm-up time. This was sadly cut short, so very quickly we were lined up in readiness to perform our floor routines. 


Again, a large hall with a big spectator area, all eyes are on the child performing …..….. an attack of the nerves struck us, but the children focussed in their minds on their routines and waited patiently.


Everyone performed their floor with control and precision and worked skilfully through their routines.  A sigh of relief, the first bit done!


Vault next and some added excitement we hadn’t planned for!  We were only given one warm up vault each which is tough, as every springboard and vault is slightly different.  All was going well, until one of the girls took a nasty fall from the box. 


Three of the gymnasts, slightly shaken by fall, took their turns and vaulted with good height and perfect landings.   Then showing immense courage and determination, she came back to the vault and had a practice.  Regaining her confidence and not in any pain, she wanted to compete.  And with everyone’s eyes on her, she performed two further vaults and nailed perfect landings too.  A huge round of applause followed and much to myself and Miss Massey’s relief (yes, we did cry!) and the rest of the St. Lawrence team, who were up on their feet and hugging her in celebration. 


The medal ceremony followed with a surprise, well deserved award.  In recognition of the primary school sports values, Teamwork, was awarded to team St. Lawrence.  This award, probably better than a gold medal, shows everything we as a school and as sports individuals aspire too – support of one another.  A very proud moment for us all. 


Team St. Lawrence you were all amazing – you did yourself and the school proud. Well done!


p.s. Sadly, one team member was too poorly to compete but you were certainly with us in spirit, we thought of you often and wished you’d been with us.  Get well soon!

Panathlon Challenge – 28th February


10 children took part in the Panathlon Challenge on Tuesday 28th February.


Panathlon Challenge is a series of skills stations that all children rotate around and work together as a team acquiring points. This fun, sports event develops fundamental skills such as running, throwing and jumping along with a strong teamwork focus. Teams are made up of children who may have physical disabilities or educational needs and they are given an opportunity to try new sports such as Boccia, Kurling and Table Cricket.


After a few practice sessions over lunchtimes to become familiar with some of the new sports, like Boccia and Curling, our team of 10 were ready to take on the Panathlon Challenge.


The event, sponsored by St. James’ Place, provide all the teams with a t-shirt, so wearing our red tops we started our day on the Curling event. We then moved on to table tennis, low basketball and target bean bag gaining points for our team and cheering each other on.


Lunch followed and a short break then we were off again starting with table cricket, penalty shootout, target throw and Boccia. Time for a quick rest and then our final event of parachute pick-up. We had all worked really hard and whilst the equipment was put away, we prepared for a few relay races at the end.


The whole team had worked really well during the day showing great sportsmanship to each other and the enjoyment was clear to see on their faces.

Year 5 & 6 Gymnastics competition - Monday 27 February


9 gymnasts took part in the Intermediate Gymnastic Competition on Monday 27th February. This competition is aimed at club gymnasts who are already experienced in a range of floor movements and vault.


3 of our team are training outside of school but the others had shown strengths in this area, so a team of 9 was put together to represent our school.


A steady start of mastering the vault began and in just a week, they quickly progressed from never using a springboard to performing a squat through or straddle over.


Next, the floorwork began and after establishing some basics, the gymnasts were soon on their way to performing handstand forward rolls, round offs and walkovers.


Over the next few weeks, with practices over lunchtimes, the vault and floor moves improved and routines were learnt.


The day arrived and a fluttering of nerves began. Each gymnast has to individually perform their floor routine and two vaults whilst parents and children look on. They had every right to have butterflies!


Everyone rose to the challenge and performed their routines and vaults to the best of their abilities and Mrs Howard and myself were hugely impressed with them all.


The competition came to a close and the results were announced ………... The top 12 gymnasts go through to the county finals and we were feeling confident that maybe 1 or 2 would be in the top 12, but St. Lawrence gymnasts topped that and 5 of the 9 were awarded with a Top 12th position.


This is a huge achievement for so many non-club gymnasts and we are immensely proud of all the effort you put into this event.


Now only a few days to rest and then it’s time to prepare for the finals! Bring it on Team St. Lawrence!







Netball Friendly Tournament, 9th February


Two mixed teams went out on this cold afternoon to play netball against two local primary schools in our cluster.  Friendly tournaments give our children the opportunity to gain match experience utilising the skills they have learnt in club practice sessions led by Miss Godfrey and Mrs Howard.

Some members of our team are very experienced and play outside of school, but others joined the teams following a number of PE lessons, which has ignited interest in the sport.  

Both teams played exceptionally well and quickly adjusted to playing on full size courts (thank you Farmor's).  Hi 5 Netball necessitates playing in all positions and the children adapted really well to moving from defence, to attack to scorer with ease. 

Two 'Man of the Match' awards were given in Celebration Worship.  These awards recognised two boys, one who has hardly played netball and one who has been involved in club practice sessions, for their ability to create set pieces (particularly at the scoring end) time and time again.  They also became dominant forces in defence and both of them were anticipating the game and identifying opportunities.  

An excellent and successful evening of netball was had by all and most importantly, much enjoyment too.  Well done children.

Thank you to Mrs Peck at Fairford Primary School for organising.


Boys' Friendly Football Tournament - 6th February


This time it was the turn of our 'Gold' team to take part in a friendly tournament at Cirencester.  Most of the boys' play club football on a weekly basis and will make a team during lunch breaks so for them, playing together was an easy option.  They all played exceptionally well and worked their way through the first round of matches and went on to play in the final match of the top two teams in the pool.  In a football game, there is always a winner and even though we were playing in a friendly event, we are pleased to say that we secured the final win of the evening.  

One young man, who has been awarded Man of the Match, impressed staff with his control of the ball and the way in which he distributed it around the team.  

Well done to everyone! 

Dance Festival, Bingham Hall, Cirencester - 2nd February


37 dancers took part in the 'Spirit of the Games' dance festival and what a wonderful experience it was for all of them.  A moment of fame up on the spot lit stage, dancing with passion and commitment and demonstrating what amazing children they are.


Year 5 children have been working on "Strictly Come Sporting" where we used famous songs from our sports fixtures and made a 'mash-up' of this music coupled with our very own Strictly judges marking the routines.  Harnessing the primary sports values: Teamwork, Determination, Respect and Self Belief, the routine captured these fully as every child had these values in abundance both on the night and in the rehearsals.  They also demonstrated such perseverance in learning the routine and overcoming their nerves on the night.


Of course, Len made a special appearance with a '7' but really it should have been a '10 from Len' as the dancers rolled out their routines with such smiles of enjoyment on their faces and a level of professionalism that would have rivalled the TV show.  


Eight year 4 dancers took on a recent pop hit that everyone could sing along too.  A routine choreographed and taught to them by two year 6 children was no easy task and these two year 6 girls did an amazing job.  Working on the theme of trust, which is value for life not just in the sporting arena, the year 4's danced their hearts out and with elements of the routine that demonstrated their need to trust their partner, they excelled in their moment of fame.


Having the opportunity to dance on a spot lit stage in front of an audience of over 200 people is not your usual school event, but the 37 dancers took this in their stride and they should be so proud of all that they achieved because we certainly are!  


Year 3 & 4 Gymnastic competition - 26 January 2017


12 young gymnasts from years 3 and 4 took part in this competition, competing against 7 other schools and around 50 children.  After working in their PE lessons and a number of short focussed lunchtime club sessions, the gymnasts worked on their floor routines and learnt how to use a springboard to vault onto the apparatus.  Learning cartwheels, backward rolls, shoulder stands and forward rolls was a challenge, but the gymnasts didn't give up and even practised during their Christmas holidays.  At the competition, every gymnast showed control, focus and extension in all their movements and the judges from Cirencester Gymnastic Club congratulated both teams on their stretched legs and feet and their control and discipline within their routines.  


To compete on the floor and vault individually, with an audience watching, is something that some adults would find difficult but our year 3s took this in their stride and were incredible.  Year 4s, just that little bit older, stepped up to the mark and completed their routines with breathtaking precision and their performances earned them a credible 3rd place spot.  One young lady from this class also scored in the top 5!!  


Well done to all of you.  You were all fantastic and we're so proud of you.

Boys' Football Tournament - 23 January


I was so privileged to accompany the y6 boys to football on Monday. The enthusiasm the boys showed for the competition kept spirits high in a very cold pitch.  Each game was approached with a clear head and determination to have a go no matter what.  Their team work and perseverance was evident in all that they did and they were amazing ambassadors for the school.  They need to be so proud of what they achieved! 

Mrs Howard

Girls' Football Tournament - 13 January


In any sporting event, you want your team to win. It’s what makes you competitive, it makes you try your best and it’s why you enjoy sports. However, it doesn’t always work out that way and sometimes things don’t go your way and you lose.

How you deal with that is what’s important. Do you stop trying your best? Do you give up? Do you stop playing sports?

7 girls, representing St. Lawrence, certainly didn’t give up!

Having not played much football, nor played as a girls’ team before, the team showed true sportsmanship strengths and demonstrated behaviour that every school or parent wants to see.

From the outset, one of the girls took the lead in running the warm-up utilising the skills she has been learning from the Change 4 Life coaching programme. She then supported the players and gave advice to ensure they could fulfil their potential.

A shaky first match followed but the girls needed to learn not only to play as a team, but to harness their football skills. Our goalkeeper found saving skills that even she didn’t know she had! They left the pitch full of support for each other and gave advice on what to do next. Each one of them listening to the feedback and recognising what they could do next time.

The next two matches followed and with another loss, but then a tie, spirits were not dampened. Every player was doing their best. Everyone was supporting each other. Everyone was developing their understanding of the game and identifying ways forward. Every player was part of a team.

The final play-off game followed and determination to succeed was visible. Everyone pushed themselves that little bit further and whilst the final score was a 2-1 loss, we were not the losers.

A buzz of excitement! Words of support, encouragement and praise were shared around the team. The girls had persevered and although they came away empty handed, they are the real winners and we are very proud of them!

 Change 4 Life Clubs


Our Y6 sports leaders have been successfully running Change 4 Life clubs for children in Year 3 & 4 for the last six weeks.  These clubs give opportunities for girls and boys to take part in a fun, sporty activity with a view to looking to achieve the 60 minutes of exercise per day recommended for every child.  One excited child was having a great session a few weeks ago and said 'this is the best fun I've ever had.'  Well done to our year 6 sports leaders.





Sports Hall Athletics Event

2 December


Over 50 year 5 and 6 children took part in the indoor Sports Hall Athletics competition on the 2nd December.  Children compete in various track and field events and are awarded points based on placings and these total up for your team.  


Our Gold team came 2nd, narrowly missing out on 1st place by 12 points. This is our highest achievement ever so we are very proud of both teams.

Football Tournament 

17 November


This annual event took place at Cirencester Primary School and we were fortunate to take along two teams to take part.

Our Gold Team progressed through their rounds of matches very successfully and found themselves in the final.  A draw was looking likely but sadly in the final few minutes the outcome changed after a goal was conceded.  All the boys had played exceptionally well and Mr Soutar was very proud of both teams' performances.  Well done boys!



Year 6 Tag Rugby Rio Festival

20.9.16, Kingshill


Two teams from year 6 took part in this festival, celebrating the rugby that took place at the Olympics.  24 teams from the region took part.  Team Gold were very successful and after demonstrating excellent skills and teamwork and came 2nd.  Team Blue had a challenging first round, but went on to come joint 1st in their respective final pool.  Well done to all players.  Players' awards went to Gabe Birch and Harley Gearing.

Paralympics Rio 2016


We are giving children an opportunity to experience and understand how to take part in a sporting activity whilst they are physically impaired.  We are also keeping a tally of how successful the paralympic Great British team is doing in Rio and reflecting on the statement 'Yes I Can' from our worship on Monday.



Spirit of the Games Dance Festival, Bingham Hall - 4 February


Many congratulations to all of the dancers who performed so brilliantly on Thursday 4 February at Bingham Hall.  A fantastic display to open the evening and brought the Spirit of the Games and the Rio Olympics to the forefront of our minds.  Every dancer performed to their very best and their enjoyment was clear to see by the smiles on their faces.

For any parents who missed the show or would like to see it again, it will be performed on Thursday 11 February at 3.00pm in the school hall. 

Mrs Bannister and Mrs Fidler are exceptionally proud of all the children and their achievements last night and hope they all enjoyed their moment in the spotlight up on stage.


Sports Hall Athletics Competition - 15 December


Well done to the 45 children who took part in this event.  The two teams competed against Fairford Primary School in a range of track and field athletic disciplines.  Every child worked their hardest to achieve their own best time or score displaying heartfelt determination to succeed. Our children behaved impeccably and demonstrated great team spirit and sportsmanship.  Only one team out of the 4 can go through to the next qualifying stage and sadly that wasn't us but our success was clear to be seen.

Football Tournament, Cirencester

Football Tournament, Cirencester 1
Football Tournament, Cirencester 2
Football Tournament, Cirencester 3
Football Tournament, Cirencester 4

Cross Country - St Helens, Abingdon

Cross Country - St Helens, Abingdon 1
Cross Country - St Helens, Abingdon 2
Cross Country - St Helens, Abingdon 3

Hi 5 Netball

Hi 5 Netball 1
Hi 5 Netball 2
Hi 5 Netball 3
Hi 5 Netball 4
Hi 5 Netball 5

Hi 5 Netball fun tournament at Kingshill - October

Team Cross Country event - October

Team Cross Country event - October 1
Team Cross Country event - October 2
Team Cross Country event - October 3
Team Cross Country event - October 4
Team Cross Country event - October 5

Tag Rugby Tournament, September

Tag Rugby Tournament, September 1
Tag Rugby Tournament, September 2
Tag Rugby Tournament, September 3
Tag Rugby Tournament, September 4
Tag Rugby Tournament, September 5
Tag Rugby Tournament, September 6