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Friday 18th March

English - I can write effective sentences

Today's English is writing sentences using subordinating conjunctions, adjectives and long and short sentences.  The focus is writing a paragraph that contains a subheading and more details about how penguins find a partner and look after their egg together until it hatches. 

The green boxes, are to give ideas like we would do in class. The blue boxes are the model text we use and then your task is to use this to write your own paragraph using facts about the emperor penguins.

Today read through the comprehension Eco Awareness, identify any new vocabulary and then answer the retrieval and vipers questions. There is also the answer sheet for you to mark your work. 

British Science Week 


There are a number of different activities below that you might like to have a go at as part of our British Science week, in school we have been looking at Space and the theme for the Science week is Growth which links in with our Living hings and their Habitats unit. 


There are some lined pages for you to write up about what you have learnt in Science week this could link to the astronomer who gave us a talk in school last week, the Wonderdome or an activity you have done at school or at home.