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Tokyo (Y5)

Welcome to Tokyo class!



Welcome to Year 5

I hope you have had an enjoyable half term break and the children are ready raring to go for term 2. This term will see the children create a class blog. Unlike ClassDojo, where I post updates of learning in the class, the blog will be an opportunity for the children to publish their own work.

Best wishes

Mr Smith, Mrs Roberts, Miss Norton, Mrs Shippey and Mrs Harris


Year 5 Residential Powerpoint

You will find the PowerPoint Mr Soutar presented at the residential meeting, further down the page.


Spellings Rules 1-8

This year the children will be learning their year 5 spellings as part of their homework. The children will learn each Spelling Rule Set over a two week period in class. They should also be learning these at home. At the start of a spelling rule unit the children will be tested on the spellings linked to it. If the children show that they are confident with these spellings then they will be given an additional list.  At the end of 2 weeks the children will be tested on the spellings.


Term 1 Term 1 Term 1 Test on 17th Nov Test on 1st Dec Test on 14th Dec Rules Set 7 Rules Set 8
bomb credible adaptable bustle adorably absent absence achieve
comb edible adorable castle comfortably ancient agency caffeine
debt horrible bearable fasten considerably confident competence ceiling
lamb legible beatable hustle credibly decent confident conceit
numb possible believable jostle horribly dependent decency conceive
thumb resistible breakable listen incredibly different dependence deceit 
climb resistible changeable nestle miserably efficient difference deceive
crumb reversible comfortable rustle  possibly frequent evidence either
doubt sensible enjoyable  soften reasonably innocent  frequency  neither
limb visible enviable thistle responsibly intelligent independence perceive 
subtle reversible knowledgeable whistle sensibly magnificent innocence protein
tomb terrible miserable wrestle suitably obedient intelligence receipt
    noticeable   terribly patient magnificence receive 
    predictable   tolerably silent obedience seize
    reasonable   understandably urgent patience  
    reliable   visibly violent silence  
    suitable       violence