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Big Art Sculpture Project

Last year our whole school art project was designing and making the beautiful fused glass window representing our Christian school values and our strong links to the local community, which was a great success and can be seen in the end wall of the hall. This year we thought it would be fun to create something in 3D so on the 8th July we have artists coming in to build the frame for a big sculpture in the Woodland Walk. On the 9th and 10th of July we will all help to make the sculpture. These particular artists go into many different schools and work with children to make all sorts of different artworks linked to their learning. This year FOSLS have generously agreed to pay for the artists to come in and we now need to collect materials to use in the sculpture. We will be exploring our connection to the River Thames and make a big curving sculpture at the top of the Woodland Walk which will remind us of how we use and care for the river and our local waterways, and help us to reflect on our responsibility to look after the world God made for us. 


We will all need to collect items for the sculpture and bring them into before the 8th July. Items should be clean and free of labels where possible please:


Bottle tops, CD's, plastic sheeting, plastic tubes, hoses, coloured cones, coloured plastics, washing liquid bottles, milk bottles, small coloured plastic bottles and jars - ideally in BLUE, GREEN, WHITE AND SILVER to make water, rope, washing line, old flip flops, old wellies, old shoes, bike tyres, and bike wheels!!!