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Edinburgh (Y1)

Welcome to term 6!


This term we have launched the 30 days wild challenge.  All the children will have come home with their sheets to track.  

Day 1 - Feel the wild between your toes.  Squelch your toes in grass, sand or mud.

Day 2 - Look up at the clouds.  What shapes can you see?

Day 3 - Find a creepy Crawly.  Be gentle. Get close and watch the way it moves.

Day 4 - Thread a daisy chain.  Pick daisies and thread their stems together.  

Day 5 - Showcase on a nature table.  Display wild treasures like feathers, fossils and bones.

Day 6 - Lunch in the wild.  Share with friends on a blanket, bench or under a tree.

Day 7 - Listen for wild sounds.  Use a blindfold to focus, what can you hear?

Day 8 - Snap a blue photo.  Butterflies, damselflies or even a clear blue sky.

Day 9 - Identify a wildflower.  Take notes on it and search for information in a book or online.

Day 10 - Read a wild book.  Find a book about wild creatures and read it outside.

Day 11 - Picnic with the birds.  Prepare a bird feast with fruit, cheese and seeds

Day 12 - Create a work of art using leaves, pine cones, feathers and twigs.

Day 13 - Watch a webcam.  Peek at ospreys, peregrines and other wildlife.

Day 14 - Search for mini wildness.  Lichens, forests of moss and flowers in pavements.