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Our topic this term is 'Long Long Ago!' 


Our interactive topic page (padlet) is set up and ready for your topic linked posts. Choose a picture of yourself as a baby and post it on our padlet page to share with the class if you haven't already done so! The password remains the same. Cut and paste this address into your browser to begin participating in our new topic:


In Literacy we will be learning four new sounds: er, ar and igh. In Mathematics we will be learning to order items by length or height, weight or capacity. Try this at home - find three pieces of Lego and order them by length, pick three teddies and order them by height, choose three containers to take in the bath and find out which holds the most water!


We are enjoying hearing about how the children have changed as they have grown since they were babies. The posts on padlet page are great, thank you!


Miss Bailey 



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