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 Welcome to Year 3 and our class page.

It is hard to believe that this is the last term already, the year has gone very quickly. The term will focus on our topic of the Egyptians, with a trip to the Ashmolean to see the Egyptian exhibits.


The first week begins with PE on Monday afternoon to prepare the children for District sports. It is vital that all children have their PE kits and trainers so could you please remind them to bring their kit in. 


In addition to RM Easimaths the children have been asked to learn their times tables. We are still having regular 4 minute challenges for the 3,4 and 8 times tables most days to track progression. It would be very advantageous for the children if they could learn these at home. Also if you received a letter regarding your child being signed up for Nessy, could you please help them complete activities at home to compliment sessions they will undertake at school. 


Many thanks

Mr Smith and Mrs Pearce

Year 3 Dance Routine

Still image for this video
A huge thank you to Mrs Bannister, who has worked with the class in Gymnastics and choreographing this dance in P.E.

Pirates Versus Mermaids

Term 4 will the Year 3 and Year 4 classes starring in the performance Pirates versus Mermaids. We have posted the music online to help the children learn the words during half term and next term. Please click on the link below to access the music tracks.

Term 5 Spellings Weeks 1-5


02/05/2017 08/05/2017 15/05/2017 22/05/2017 27/05/2017
-ous -ly -ture -tion ch
dangerous badly adventure admiration ache
fabulous carefully capture cancellation anchor
hazardous completely departure exploration chaos
perilous comically fixture explanation character
pompous horribly feature observation chemist
tremendous politely furniture information chorus
enormous nicely creature preparation echo
generous suddenly mixture realisation mechanic
jealous finally nature reservation orchestra
nervous simply puncture sensation school
poisonous gently temperature separation scheme
ridiculous cuddly texture temptation stomach
Revision words feebly picture alteration Revision words
Revision words Revision words Revision words Revision words Revision words



Revision words are words from the previous weeks spellings that require more practice. These will be selected from the most common errors from the Friday spellings.

Term 3 Curriculum Newsletter



To support the development of essential Maths skills, we have set up a trial for the next two terms of RM Easimaths. 

Designed to support the Math activities taking place in class, RM Easimaths enables children to continue learning while away from school.


Each child accesses RM Easimaths using their own user account and is given activities to complete that match their own learning stage. The video on this link provides an overview of RM Maths. Please not e there is nothing for you to pay as this is covered by the school trial/subscription.


All children can access RM Easimaths via this link


All of year 3 have been provided with a username and password. If your child cannot recall their username and password, please make sure they ask me for a reminder.


Accessing RM Easimaths is simple. On a desktop computer, you can use the RM Easimaths website. Alternatively, you can download the RM Easimaths app to a mobile device. This app is free with a school subscription.

Your child will need to enter their username and password. Make sure you leave 'Stlawrence' in the field after the @ sign, as shown below. It won't be possible to login without this.






If you are using a tablet, download an app from the Apple or Google Play app store.


Google Play

iTunes Store


To ensure that you are not charged for anything, we recommend that you disable in-app purchases on all devices that your child may use in order to prevent accidental in-app purchases.




If you are having problems running RM Easimaths on your home computer, there are a few simple steps to follow that should allow Easimaths to run correctly. In addition to completing these steps, your child should confirm that they have logged in to RM Easimaths at school. If they have not been able to login at school, please ensure your child asks my advice.


Delete your temporary Internet files: deleting your temporary Internet files will remove any content that might be preventing Easimaths from running correctly.The process is similar for all browsers

Update Adobe Flash Player: If you are having trouble running RM Easimaths on a desktop computer, make sure you have updated Adobe Flash Player to the latest version - do this via the Adobe website.

General Performance: RM Easimaths downloads content whilst running. If your computer shares an Internet connection with other devices (mobile phones, tablets, games consoles and media players), performance may be adversely affected - particularly if video or audio is being downloaded on other devices that use the same connection.


Reading Books

This week I will be familiarising myself with the children's reading. Once this is completed I will allocate reading books and give each child a new reading record book. In the meantime, please continue reading books from home and using the old reading record books to record it.

Many thanks 

Mr Smith